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Environmental Headshot Session at Lake Anderson Dam Park, Morgan Hill, CA

Portrait of woman in white blouse with dog, golden retriever dog, in park setting, Lake Anderson Dam Park, Morgan Hill, CA

Natalie, who recently passed her Real Estate Board Exam was in was in need of some headshots so after Googling and Yelping she called us. She needed to start a new real estate marketing campaign and was eager to order her business cards and establish her online presence, but she didn't want her headshots to look like her colleagues; Natalie was not looking for a portrait in front of a dark backdrop. We understood her needs and suggest that what she was looking for was an "Environmental Headshot." These portraits are not the typical indoors portrait against a neutral grey backdrop, the "corporate look" that she was trying to avoid. There is a time and place for that classic look, but in Real Estate, an agent needs to stand out from the rest of their peers. Environmental headshots can provide this uniqueness that the standard "backdrop" headshot cannot. Environmental Headshots are usually taken in the subject's "environment," be it their office, or workplace, or outdoors. Lighting can be natural light, or artificial using a reflector or strobe.

Our new client also wanted to know if we could take a few pictures of her and "Ruby" her dog. "Yes, of course!" We love dogs. .

Portrait of dog, Golden Retriever, in park, Lake Anderson Dam Park, Morgan Hill, CA

On the day of the shoot we met our client at Lake Anderson Dam Park where we were introduced to Ruby, a beautiful and well behaved Retriever who immediately stole our hearts. It's not unusual for photo clients to show up for portrait sessions with their pets. But it is unusual for their pets to be so well behaved.

My wife, Angela, and I took turns holding Ruby's leash during Natalie's session, and to our amazement, Ruby just sat at our feet while we worked. Angela, when she is not second shooting, helps as my lighting assistant, so it's important she hold the softbox steady; no problem, Ruby sat calmly at her feet, watching Natalie pose for the camera.  

When it came time for both Natalie and Ruby to pose together, I was amazed at how easy it was to work with Ruby .

I look forward to working with Natalie again -and hopefully she'll bring Ruby.  :-)

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